Fiera Milano

Fiera Milano S.p.A is the leading exhibition group in Italy and one of the top players in the world. Renowned experience in the trade fair business, excellence in professional exhibitions and services, as well as cutting edge facilities and its success in the international conference management, all make Fiera Milano the ideal partner for promotion, development and internationalization of any company.

Fiera Milano S.p.A. holds a well-diversified portfolio of exhibitions, while its footprint includes Italy, Russia, China, Singapore, Thailand, India, Brazil and South Africa.

It occupies 1,634,425 square metres of exhibition space across these territories and holds 113 exhibitions each year – 62 of which are held outside Italy – that play host to 32,790 exhibitors annually – 10,360 outside Italy.

Its experience in hosting trade fairs, excellence in professional exhibitions and services, its cutting edge facilities, and its success in international conference management, make Fiera Milano S.p.A. the ideal partner for the international promotion and development of any company.

Fiera Milano is the only Italian trade fair listed on the stock exchange (since December 2002). Its turnover in 2012 was 263 million Euro.