TOMORROWS/TODAY SECTION highlights new perspectives on emerging art

TOMORROWS/TODAY shines the light on some of the world’s most talented artists emerging from the art world. The artists that feature in this year’s section have been selected by Nkule Mabaso and Luigi Fassi who will co-curate TOMORROWS/TODAY exciting emerging artists from Africa, Middle East, North America and Europe. Commenting on the possibilities offered by the section, Nkule Mabaso says: “TOMORROWS/TODAY is a well marketed section of Investec Cape Town Art Fair. For an emerging artist, this publicity can go a long way towards social interest in their career which, when well-exploited, could translate to further opportunities. The platform is also a deliberate effort to introduce artists from other regions and support exceptional talent today as they become tomorrow’s great artists.” Luigi Fassi is currently the Artistic Director of MAN Contemporary Art Museum (Nuoro, Italy). Fassi says of his contribution to TOMORROWS/TODAY: “I hope to achieve an inspiring overview of emerging artists, one where even well-travelled and sharp collectors can come across artists and works they didn’t know before. Fairs that focus on particular geographical areas are sought after by curators because they offer a more specific context to investigate.”
Talking about the process of choosing the artists for this year’s TOMORROWS/TODAY section, Nkule Mabaso states, ”Normally the focus of the section is around emerging artists, but while that generally refers to young artists that are newly signed to galleries, but who are not well established in their careers, we wanted to stretch that and look at it more as ‘emerging’ in the sense that they may not be well known in South Africa. That would mean that they are emerging in the sense that we need to become familiar with them. They are unknown to us, but they may well be professional and established where they come from.”
Luigi Fassi adds, “We have crafted the section by interpreting the idea of African identity in a more complex way than just the biography of being born in Africa, or living in Africa, or being based here. So we have involved artists that share some clear connections to African culture in various ways. I think the section will offer people a more detailed and more complex understanding of African art at large, even considering the fact that many of the galleries supporting the artists are not African at all. They are galleries are from Europe, they are galleries from the USA, from the Middle East, from the UK and South Africa as well. The overall ambition is to offer to the audience some urgencies that come out of the presented works, that are able to convey to the art world an understanding of the complexity of their art practices.”

Exhibiting Artists:

Danica Lundy, Canada | C + N Canepaneri, Milan, Italy Amanda Mushate, Zimbabwe | First Floor Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe

Francois-Xavier Gbre, France | Galerie Cécile Fakhoury, Abidjan, Dakar and Paris; Ivory Coast, Senegal and France

Andy Robert, Haiti | Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Fathi Hassan, Egypt | Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ernesto Shikani, Mozambique | Perve Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal

Nnenna Okore, Australia | Sakhile&Me, Frankfurt Germany

Gregory Olympio, Togo | Septieme Gallery, Paris, France

Bonolo Kavula, South Africa | Suburbia Contemporary Art, Granada, Spain

Isabelle Grobler, South Africa | Sulger-Buel Lovell, London, United Kingdom

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produced by: Fiera Milano Exhibitions Africa