Teresa Kutala Firmino, South Africa | Everard Read Gallery

Teresa Kutala Firmino, South Africa | Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Franschhoek, London

Teresa Kutala Firmino was born in 1993 in Pomfret, a former military camp in the North West province of South Africa. She is a multimedia artist, now based in Johannesburg, working with paint, photography and performance. She is part of a collective called Kutala Chopeto, which started as an investigation into their shared history which is linked to the 32 Battalion, the soldiers who were settled in Pomfret in the North West Province after the Border War. Their work addresses issues of identity, heritage and history associated with their family’s migration. Similar to her work in the collective, she takes different stories that are derived from the Pomfret community, and restructures, rewrites and re-imagines them in different art forms. For her Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2020 presentation, her work will explore the multiplicity of histories and the fact that history is never objective but always constructed, she achieves this by dramatising black collaged bodies on what appears to be theatrical stages. This staging, of history and bodies further attests to the staging and construction of histories Firmino refers to.