Investec Cape Town Art Fair | SOLO spotlights the Politicisation of Space in Contemporary Art

SOLO will once again feature works by a number of emerging and established artists from around the world, in the section of the Fair which offers a more indepth view of varied artistic practices from a wide cross section of contexts – in the form of curated solo presentations.

In its third iteration, the section will focus on the notion of space and how it presents itself thematically in artworks; through an amalgamation of mediums and concepts that tie into each

other with the themes ranging from the representation of the black body and its movement to issues of exile, migration, mythologies and leisure.
Through this focus, SOLO aims to encourage Fair audiences to take note of the power relations that help to shape the boundaries of spaces and what is possible within them and who may enter, with which identities, discourses and interests.

Presented in the section are mixed media works from a varied selection of artists with different aesthetics and contexts, at differing stages in their careers, each with a unique perspective on the issue of space and how its politicisation appears in artistic practice. 2020’s edition of SOLO will include presentations by Teresa Kutala Firmino, Sungi Mlengeya, Kemang wa Lehulere, Alexandra Karakashian, Nina Holmes, Kirsten Beets and Riley Holloway.

We look forward to welcoming you to Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2020

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Investec Cape Town Art Fair
produced by: Fiera Milano Exhibitions Africa (Cape Town)